Belly dance is a Western name for a style of oriental dance developed in Egypt, the Middle East and other Arabic-influenced areas. You can build up your stomach, in other words, belly through belly dance and it will massage your intestines and burn your inner fat. Consequently, it will give great effects on your beauty, health and diet. Why don’t you join us and enjoy moving your body? Without regard to your age, you can be a princess when you are dancing!

★If you join our Introductory Class, you can take as many lessons as you like! (At Oyama Studio only)

Introductory Class

Students will learn how to move their body smoothly. Then, they will master basic movements and techniques of belly dance.

Beginner’s Class

Students will practice easy choreographed piece. Let’s master whole composition and enjoy dancing!

Intermediate Class

Improving the level of dancing, students will practice choreography with various props.

Advanced Class

Students will learn various types of choreographies to become genuine belly dancers!


  • Please pay the entrance fee on the first day you enter our school.
  • You will pay monthly fee at the beginning of the every month.
  • In case you would like to take recess for more than a month, please notify to us by e-mail.
  • Our e-mail address is: bellypasha4193541@gmail.com . If there is no permission to recess, we are sorry but we will charge you the monthly fee.
  • If there are 5 weeks a month, our studio is closed for a week.
  • Please check on the cancel and change of the lesson schedule on our information board.


Our Oyama studio is situated just 3 mins walk from the east exit of “Oyama” station (Tobu Tojo Line).
Address: B1-002, Diapalace Oyama, 39-1 Oyama-Kanai-cho, Itabashi, Tokyo
>>Ikebukuro Community College in Seibu Department, Ikebukuro

>>Ikebukuro Community College in Seibu Department, Ikebukuro


Mika Yaguchi
Arabian Folk Dancer

Mika Yaguchi started her career in entertainment business as an actress at TOEI, which is one of the major film studios in Japan, and now she is a chairlady of Dance art Atelier Pasha.

She studied belly dance in Egypt, U.S.A. and Germany.

Then she has established herself as a belly dancer who can also sing in Arabic wonderfully. In addition to her highly approved talent for dancing and singing, men and women of all ages are fascinated with her sexy and gorgeous stage performances. In 2006, she was cast in “TANNKA”, a TOEI’s feature film directed by Yoko Agi. She has frequently made guest appearances at TV personalities and entertainer’s dinner show. Mika has received nationwide media attention as a charismatic belly dancer, which helped her to broaden her playground.

At present, while she is running Dance art Atelier Pasha, she is in charge of 7 courses at Ikebukuro Community College in Seibu Department Store. And, as a leader of “Oriental Rose”, a fantastic dance team, she presents gorgeous and mesmerizing shows.

Moreover, she is a member of Tokyo Entertainer’s Association and Japan Professional Magicians’ Association. Making the most of her previous experiences, Mika is challenging brand new entertainment fields beyond dance.

Stage Appearance

Aoyama Round Theatre, Mielparque Hall Tokyo, Yakult Hall, KOMA Stadium, Asakusa Public Hall, ABC Hall, Hakuhinkan Theater, Bunkyo Civic Hall, Ushigome Tansu Hall, Omiya Sonic City

TV Appearance

Dance Art Atelier Pasha主催 アラビア民族舞踏家 矢口美香 Mika Yaguchi

  • Broad Caster / TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting System)
  • @Suppli! / Nippon Television Network Corporation
  • Gokigen Brand New / ABC(Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Fujiyama☆Star / KTV(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
  • Quiz Shinsuke-kun / ABC(Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)